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Cleansing: Should we even do a cleanse?

With January behind us and New Years Resolutions fading into the past, why is February the best time to do a cleanse? And do we even need to?


Kids are back to school and the holidays are done and dusted- so it’s time to get back into routine. This makes February the perfect time to dedicate to a short term cleanse.

WHY CLEANSE, you might ask?

Your liver, kidneys, gut, breath and sweat glands are detoxifying all the time. It’s simply what they do- they get ride of your wastes. However, these systems can require some TLC after times of stress such as physical stress- large amounts of exercise, mental stress, and nutritional stress- think alcohol, caffeine, processed, high sugar foods (e.g. often the foods we have more of over the holidays)

The benefits of setting yourself time aside to reboot your health and cleanse your life and diet is astounding.

In our fast-paced lives we often make our food and lifestyle choices in a rush, relying on our taste buds, our budget, our time constraints instead of what’s best to nourish, love and heal our bodies.

Don’t worry I’m guilty of this too.

Over time our taste buds and our brain become hooked to this higher salt, sweetened, processed diet which puts us a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, chronic diseases, poor mental health, dementia and weight gain. But we can give our bodies a little reboot. A fresh start.

So here’s just some of the benefits of a Wellness Reboot:

Taste buds

Those tiny little bumps on our tongue tell us how amazing something tastes and they even warn us away from toxic food. These taste buds are constantly remodelling as they adapt and change to our current diet.

Doing a reboot can help make our taste buds more sensitive to sweet and savoury foods. This means we can reduce the quantity of them in our diet – without our taste buds (and brain) screaming at us for more!

Becoming Watchful

For most of us, while we try and make good decisions, our diet is at the lower end of the priority list. It is sacrificed to our busy schedule, our children, or even our budget. Dedicating at least 7 days every 4 months to put our diet first can have a lasting effect. We become more conscious about what’s going in and of any bad habits that we may have picked up along the way.

Try new things

Ever felt stuck in a rut with your diet? Eating the same things, doing the same exercise routine, only because you don’t have the time or energy to change things? A reboot can change all that. This is a perfect time to seek out some new recipes, try a new vegetable, add a green smoothie or even simply focus on drinking 3 Litres of water a day.

You’ll be surprised how easily a new habit will stick when you realise how good it makes you feel!

So, since there are so many benefits to doing a cleanse, we’re here to help start this process for you!

We’ve got a FREE 7 day program designed by our Dietitian and Nutritionists to help guide you through a simple wellness reboot to kickstart some positive changes in your life!

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