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Hydroxyburn Shred by Body Science (BSC)

If you want a product that will both help you maximise your fat loss and optimise your cognitive focus and drive when you hit the gym, Hydroxyburn Shred Neuro-Thermogenic by Body Science BSC is the product you’re going to want to get your hands on.

This product provides dual benefits, so you only need one product to do the job of two.

Size: 300gm


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Each time you use Hydroxyburn Shred Neuro-Thermogenic by Body Science, you’ll notice:

  • Enhanced metabolic output, which allows you to burn calories faster and torch excess body fat that is developing
  • Improved fatty acid release for superior speed of fat burning during exercise
  • Improved mood thanks to the mind-boosting ingredients in this unique formula
  • Advanced levels of concentration and focus when in the gym. You’ll be focused, determined, and ready to put in all the hard work necessary to get the results you’re going for
  • Decreased appetite so you can stick with your diet with ease
  • Improved energy, which allows you to put forth more overall output in every workout session you do
  • Improved antioxidant support, which helps you better manage the stressors that come from each workout session.
  • Improved recovery rate between workout sessions thanks to that enhanced antioxidant support
  • Improved blood glucose regulation, which can help ward off diabetes in the long run
  • With clinical doses of some of the best and most powerful ingredients out there, you can have complete confidence that
  • Hydroxyburn Shred Neuro-Thermogenic by Body Science BSC is going to deliver time and time again.



In every serving of Hydroxyburn Shred Neuro-Thermogenic you’ll get:

  • 94 mg of caffeine, which gives you just enough to enhance your energy level but not so much you get jittery
  • 1 gram of tyrosine to help boost your mental focus and concentration. You’ll be more motivated than ever when you hit the gym
  • 50 mcg of chromium to help provide hunger and blood glucose regulation support
  • 4 grams of Acetyl L-Carnitine, which will help to improve fatty acid release from the fat cells, getting your body ready for optimal fat burning
  • 1.5 grams of Green tea leaf, which will provide added energy and help deliver antioxidant support as needed
  • 9 grams Guarana seed, which provides a natural energy enhancement alternative to extra caffeine
  • So, if you want to see better results and be sure that you are maximising your body composition from all your hard work in the gym, consider Hydroxyburn Shred Neuro-Thermogenic. It’s one product that will change your workout experience.


Body Science BSc Hydroxyburn Shred Neuro-Thermogenic Directions: If you are looking for superior weight loss results we recommend taking 2 x 5g serves of BSc Hyroxyburn Shred daily. One serve in the morning and one serve around lunch time. Alternatively, if you want to use HYDROXYBURN SHRED as a pre-workout we recommend taking one 10g serve 20-30 minutes pre-workout. Use only as directed maximum 10g consumption per day.