Hair Tonic by Fusion Health

Does thinning hair have you down? If you’re frustrated that you seem to be growing thinner as the years pass by or your hair is always feeling dry and brittle, Hair Tonic by Fusion Health may just be what you need.

This product is designed to help rejuvenate your hair, getting it back to feeling as it used to years ago. Colour damage, perming, and lack of proper conditioning treatments can all take a toll on how healthy your hair looks. But hope is not lost. With the right nourishment, it can regain that bounce that it used to have.

It’s time to give your hair a break. By using Hair Tonic by Fusion Health, you can feel great about finally doing something positive for your hair.

Size: 30, 60 & 120 Capsules


When you use Hair Tonic by Fusion Health, you’ll experience:

  • Assistance dealing with mild alopecia (hair loss). While this product is not a cure for baldness, if you are suffering from light hair loss, it may help promote the growth of new hair and the stoppage of further hair loss.
  • Stronger, healthier looking hair that resists further breakage, which is also a leading cause of hair loss as well.
  • Improvement in the natural shine the hair takes on. It’ll look healthier and more rejuvenated
  • Prevention against split ends, which can lead to hair breakage and further thinning
  • Improved color depth in the hair you already have – you may be able to avoid future coloring treatments once your hair is restored back to its original healthy state (something many people haven’t experienced for years!)
  • Your hair can show signs of dullness thanks to the environment you live in and pollutants it comes into contact with, the overuse of coloring and other chemical processes, and the chronic use of heat when styling.


In every serving of Hair Tonic by Fusion Health, you’ll receive:

  • 425 mg of Don Quai, which can help to improve hair strength and texture
  • 425 mg of Cuscuta, which may help those who are suffering from alopecia regain better hair growth and stop their hair from falling out
  • 175 mg of licorice root, which can help promote the growth of new hair and improve the look of the hair you already have
  • While you may not get supermodel hair if it’s not in your genetics, you can at least get back healthy, strong, and vibrant looking hair when you use Hair Tonic by Fusion Health.


  • Adults: Take 2 capsules, once or twice daily.