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Omega 3 Cheat Sheet: The Must Know Data

Omega 3 IS the anti-inflammatory powerhouse.

But, did you know that your body cannot effectively make Omega 3?

Therefore, you MUST source it from your diet or supplements.

Fish oil has been the most popular and well researched omega-3 source of choice for many years.

And then along comes hemp oil. Many are claiming it tp be the King of the Omega 3’s with so many added health benefits as well! And then again, what about flaxseed oil!? It starts to get really confusing especially as some research shows that a number of fish oil supplements are found to be rancid and even toxic! Eek!

So, let’s take a look at hemp oil.

Does it live up to the omega-3 hype?

Does the research back the health claims?

And should hemp oil be replacing our Flaxseed and Fish oil?

*Just to be clear – hemp oil is sourced from the hemp seeds as opposed to CBD oil sourced from hemp leaves.

Why does your body need Omega-3?

Flaxseed oil, hemp oil and fish oil are packed full of beneficial nutrients, but the main reason people ingest these foods, is for their high levels of Omega 3. Omega-3 is essential for optimal body function and has been shown in research to help treat many ailments including:

  • Allergies – pregnant and breastfeeding mothers who took omega 3 fish oil – reduced infant allergies up to 38%
  • Fatty liver (non-alcoholic) disease – Omega-3 helps improve insulin sensitivity and break down inflammatory fats in the tissue and liver
  • Excess weight gain – Overweight people who took 2g of fish oil felt fuller for longer after a meal (i.e. increased satiation), had a reduced appetite and ate fewer total calories.
  • High cholesterol
  • Non-alcoholic
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • High levels on inflammation
  • Gut issues, IBS and IBD
  • Eye health
  • Dementia, mood disorders and poor memory
  • Eczema and psoriasis
  • Arthritis
  • Heart disease
  • PMS, hormonal dysfunction and dysmenorrhoea
  • Asthma and hay fever

Furthermore, we know that our SAD (Standard Australian Diet) typically has excessive amounts of a pro-inflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids called arachidonic acid (AA). These are found largely in processed foods and red meat. AA is important for good health, however not in such large amounts. Research shows that we need to consume 5 x MORE omega-3 to meet the ideal omega-6: omega-3 ratio for the healthy individual (on average), AND these omega-3 requirements then increase more in certain disease and inflammation states, and life stages such as pregnancy.

Here’s the STATS

Omega 3 Cheat sheet

 Above table is based on the average content of several brands and research***

*Based on a pure fish oil

**Dose based on average, healthy Australian adult. Dose may vary depending on your individual requirements/ disease state.


  • Fish oil remains the highest source of omega-3 fats and therefore the highest anti-inflammatory option. This is backed by a MASSIVE body of research.
  • Dose is important!
  • Quality is just as important as dose! Buy good quality or don’t buy at all!
  • Hemp and flaxseed oil are good for vegans and those wanting to make healthy additions to their diet.

DISCLAIMER: Please consult with your health professional before making changes to your current lifestyle. Above article is for information purposes only. ***References available upon request.