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Mushrooms: Do they deserve superfood status?

Medicinal Mushrooms

In the last few years Mushrooms have gone from the humble kitchen table to superfood status. We talk to Gabi, our resident Dietician, about what they do and we ask the question, ‘Are mushrooms really eligible for superfood status?’

Here’s what she said.

Well, although therapeutic mushrooms are relatively new to our Western world, they have been used for thousands of years in Ancient Chinese, Mexican and Japanese medicine. This is due to the belief that they have amazing health benefits. These benefits include antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-allergy, neuroprotective*, adaptogenic**, increase in libido, energy and even gut-healing. There is a range of different mushrooms used for medicinal purposes that each offer a unique benefit to the body.

What’s more, the body of research to support these health benefits is growing rapidly.

So the answer is, YES! Medicinal mushrooms certainly deserve superfood status! And can have significant positive benefits to human health in disease management, treatment and prevention, as well as boost everyday health and performance, when supplemented correctly.


Check out the key mushrooms used for most common issues & health goals below.

Cordyceps & Reishi: These two mushrooms can help our bodies to produce energy at the cellular level without over-stimulating the nervous system as coffee can.


Chaga & Lion’s Mane: Strengthen your gut lining and increase the number of probiotics in the GIT through the pre-biotic beta glucans in Lionsá Mane and Chaga mushrooms.


Maitake & Reishi: These mushrooms are considered adaptogens. Maitake and Reishi have extensive research for nourishing the adrenal glands and helping to protect against the crashing side-effects of caffeine over-dose, energy-drink and pre-workout over-use, as well as help to increase resilience to stress. No more crash or jitters!


Chaga & Reishi: These two mushrooms are extremely rich in antioxidant enzymes that provide an extra protective boost against oxidative stress, ageing and neutralising toxins and pollutants in the body.


Lion’s Mane: Many of you would have heard of Lion’s Mane due to its increasing popularity as a Nootropic***. Lion’s mane works by positively increasing brain power and cognition. You can expect improved mood, focus, memory, and concentration, and this fungus is also being used increasingly to assist neurodegenerative conditions and protect the myelin sheath (the protective coating) surrounding nerves.


Shiitake, Turkey Tail, Maitake & Cordyceps: These mushrooms contain unique compounds that offer incredible immune-enhancing benefits. They have antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory actions and promote healthy cell formation.

So, these are just some of the many scientifically researched benefits of mushrooms that can be added into your daily routine. You can  add a serve into your coffee, smoothie, raw snacks or enjoy as a tea at work or at night before bed. They also come in an easy capsule form.

Come in store to check out our amazing ranges of high quality superfood mushrooms. For more information on which mushrooms are best suited to you – send us a message or come in store and chat to our Dietitians, Naturopaths and Nutritionists.



*neuroprotective – Neuro means brain, so neuroprotective means that it protects the brain, usually on a cellular level.

**adaptogenic – This is a term that describes a herbs ability to help our mind and body cope with stress. It helps us to adapt to a stressful situation.

***nootropic – This term refers to the herbs, nutrients and drugs that can improve memory, focus and concentration. You can read more about them in our Nootropic blog found here.

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