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10 Powerful Tips for Anti Aging

10 powerful tips for anti aging

Top ten anti aging tips

The Anti Aging Basics:

Everyone wants to know; what’s the best anti aging products that actually work.

And we’ll get to that. But, did you know that aging is actually inflammation?! Over time, your body makes fewer of the growth factors that naturally defend against inflammation. And it is this inflammation that can lead to damage on a cellular level. This aging process leads to symptoms like joint pain, energy slumps, collagen breakdown (the dreaded source of wrinkles), and even less passion in the bedroom.

So, how do we slow down this process?

When it comes to slowing the aging process we all know that we should;

  • get a good night’s sleep,
  • reduce stress,
  • keep our gut healthy,
  • use sun protection and
  • exercise regularly.

And I’m sure we’re doing our best to do these things but how can we really get on top of it and activate the anti-aging process?

The anti-aging tips listed below have amazing health benefits, including the power of antioxidants to fight off harmful molecules that cause cell damage, aging, and a variety of diseases.

Our Best Natural Anti Aging Tips:


As we age our hormones decline which can often cause a loss of skin elasticity and integrity. Quality collagen supplements have been clinically shown to reduce fine lines and improve skin elasticity. And as for those joints, collagen helps to provide essential amino acids that help to produce the cushioning within the joint.


Also known as the ‘beauty berry’, has been used for centuries by Chinese royalty to preserve youthfulness and enhance physical performance. And is one of the more powerful anti-aging herbs used in traditional Chinese Medicine culture.

This berry extract helps to oxygenate your cells = reducing cell acidity and boosting collagen in your skin. It is also a powerful adaptogenic herb that helps to increase resilience to stress and can assist in breaking down your foods to increase nutrient absorption- so you get more vitamins and minerals out of your diet!  Check out this Schisandra smoothie recipe!


Turmeric helps to reduce the inflammation within the body which reduces the risk of oxidative stress. It has benefits that can improve mood, reduce pain in aching joints and protect the cardiovascular system from stress.


To help us relax and to go to sleep our body produces Melatonin. What most people don’t know is that it is also a very powerful antioxidant. To boost your natural melatonin, you can;

  • get outside into the sunshine each day,
  • don’t look at screens the hour before bed,
  • increase melatonin-boosting foods including tart cherries, banana, oats, ginger, dark chocolate, chicken and tomatoes.

This is the component in red wine that may help to maintain cognitive health, protect cells from the aging process, reduce inflammation and promote healthy hormonal balance.

Vitamin C

Most of us associate this well known antioxidant with reducing colds and flu symptoms, however Vitamin C also helps to reduce wrinkles and keep skin elastic (reducing skin sagging) as it promotes collagen production and reduces collagen breakdown. Vitamin C also brightens complexion and helps to even skin tone and reduce discolouration.

Natural skin and body care

Let’s talk about all of the chemicals, fragrances and toxins found in the skin and body care products that you use every day. As your skin is your largest organ- what you put onto it counts as much as what you put into it, as many of the artificial toxins found in cosmetics have been proven to disrupt hormones, dry out your skin, and quicken signs of ageing (no thanks!).

So, take a look at what is in your moisturisers, shampoos, deodorants etc. and make the swap to an organic, natural brand and you’ll be amazed at how good your skin looks and feels.


Oxytocin, often called the ‘love hormone’ or the ‘trust hormone’, is produced in the body when you hug someone (including a pet). This works via feelings of social connectedness, during maternal nurturing, childbirth and love making. Recent research has found this hormone plays a crucial role in tissue repair, increases stem cells and slows the ageing process. So, call a loved one and hug your dog today.

Processed carbohydrates and sugars

Eating processed carbs and sugars can cause a process called glycation. This process has been shown to cause premature ageing of the skin by creating free radical damage to your collagen. Notwithstanding the fact that excess sugar consumption leads to diabetes, heart disease and even dementia – all diseases that speed up the aging process.

And don’t worry.

Life is too precious to worry about the little things. Focus on gratitude for the good things in your life and rest will take care of itself.

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