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20 minute Ab and Leg workout

No equipment 20 min ab and leg workout

No Equipment Home Workout #1

No equipment 20 min ab and leg workout

This simple short workout will have you sweating and building muscle in no time.

Take 1 min rest between rounds and repeat 1 – 4 times depending on your fitness level

No 1. 10-15 x body weight squats + 10-15 x pulsing squats – 20 seconds rest

Benefits of squats – Squats target specifically the buttocks and thigh, however this exercise, when done correctly, will strengthen the lower back and lower core muscles as well. This movement can also help improve knee strength and help to improve posture and balance.

No. 2 10-15 x lunges (each leg) + 10-15 x jump squats -15 seconds rest

Benefits of lunges – The lunge continues to strengthen your back, hips and thighs and improving mobility and flexibility. As we activate and strengthen these larger muscle groups during these exercises, we’re also increasing our ability to burn fat throughout the day. The stronger we are the more energy we burn!

No. 3 10-15 x burpees + 10-15 x Single leg glute bridge left and right legs – 10 seconds rest

Benefits of burpees – Who just loves burpees? Burpees are a functional exercise, which means the movements of the joints and muscles are strengthened to improve daily movement and reduce injury . And as it targets multiple muscles groups, this is a fantastic way to get overall body strength and stability.

No. 4 10-15 x sit ups + 10-15 x knee to elbow crunch – 5 seconds rest

No. 5 Side plank 30 seconds on left then 30 seconds right side + full body plank 30 seconds

Benefits of core – Toning the core muscles helps to stabilise and strengthen your back including the all-important spine. This reduces your risk of injury, improves balance and supports and protects our digestive organs.

Once you’re finished – don’t forget your warm down stretch and recovery drink.

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